Sunday, August 27, 2017

(The 68th week) Jean just got baptized!

Oh Oh!!!!!! I forgot to tell you guys that my investigator Jean!!! Do you remember her? I found her when I was in the Dural ward. She just got baptized like.. a week ago! I was so so so happy that she made her own decision to be baptized eventually. I do know that The Gospel of Jesus Christ can change our lives to be better and I am very grateful for all the blessings from Heavenly Father which helped Jean to be able to participate His gospel.

Anyway, Hello guys! How are ya? This week has been a good week. We did a trade off with our district leader and stayed with 'em for few days. It was always fun bein' with 'em and I think Elder Babbage is one of the coolest missionary who I really like. I called him 'Mommy' though. Anyway he's from Queensland, Australia. He is a very big big guy and is full of love and fun!! I think I am askin' President to be with him next transfer. I also like my district leader Elder Sibbett who is always help me with anything. I can't imagine the mission without 'em.. Without 'em it would be better LOL!!! I am very grateful for the opportunity to be with 'em this week. 
​(Elder Sibbett and myself holding the tree)
We also went to the beach for a picnic with an investigator. #Lifeisgood

Well, this week, we were with the district leader most of the day as I told ya, so we had just 4 days workin' in our area. Life here is just travelin' around.. Ahh such a cool life :) We did meet a guy who belonged to the Jehovah witness church. At first, we tryna exchange some thought about the church and also our believes which was cool. I could tell that he was the first JHW who didn't bible bash at all. It was kinda awesome and it gave me a hope that there are still some awesome people in Australia today. It's just very rare here LOL. Well, we asked him if we could meet up with him sometimes but unfortunately, he was going out of town. However, he asked for our number and he gave it to his son Spencer! The son Spencer texted us later in that day and he was exceedingly excited to meet us and to have a chat about the church. To be honest, I am sorta scared because it would turn to be bible bashing any time. But! I really hope things will be good with him.

My companion and I had a chance to give talks in sacrament meeting this week and we talked about Missionary Work! But my topic was about The Lord's work and success often comes as little miracles. It was a bit hard to think about things in the past and add to my talk. Anyway, It went fine and seemed like people liked it.

I gotta go right now 'cause we are going to the ZOO right now!!! I am gonna kill all the kangaroos! HAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

(Ear wax!)​

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