Sunday, August 6, 2017

(The 65th week) I wish I could do better...

Hello family and friends,
I don't know what I should start with... it looks like I'm in the middle of something bad. The taste of my life is so yummy! I tried hard to be happy and crazy but sometimes I just feel lonely. There are complicated feelings which are inside my head all the time these days. Or am I being insane? I think I normally am! hahaha. I sometimes struggle with myself because I don't really understand something in this world. Well, this life seems to be hard and I know that I have to smile and be happy in this hard time. The trial is ready to drag me down all the time and I hate being like this.

Well, just forget about the top part. I was in a drama time for a moment.
This week has been a good week... I guessed. We met some awesome people and were able to share the gospel with them.
1. Tim - A very nice guy. He's a former investigator from a long time ago. We knocked on his door and he just let us in his house! He came up with a lot of questions and also he said he likes our church because the people in the church seem to be happy and they just treat each other like good friends and family. Haha! we got 1 point from that. He really wanted to know about Joseph Smith so we share the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to him and he seemed to be very interested with it and he just.. couldn't wait for the next lesson!!

2. Tenalle - She is a 18 year-old girl. Actually she's turning 18 in this week. We met her by door knocking. She doesn't believe in anything at all so I told her we are here to help people to find out if God is real and I asked her if she found out that there is a God, would she follow him? Well, she said yes! and her journey is begun..
We went back again and we began the first lesson with the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I think it was kind of awkward because she was too quiet but she is happy to learn more and I hope the gospel will change her life somehow. 

3. Rebecca - She's also a former investigator from a long time ago. She told us that she's finding a religion for her daughters and months ago, her husband met with a member in Maitland(another ward) and the member kind of shared something with them and they are opened for us to visit now! YAH!! I feel so happy for that.

The work is going good but....... haha I need to restart myself to be fresh and happy again.
Well, I just wanted to let you know how I am doing and I will try to be better. 
I hope you'll have a good week and stay HAPPY!!!

Elder Phimpham (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

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