Sunday, August 27, 2017

(The 68th week) Jean just got baptized!

Oh Oh!!!!!! I forgot to tell you guys that my investigator Jean!!! Do you remember her? I found her when I was in the Dural ward. She just got baptized like.. a week ago! I was so so so happy that she made her own decision to be baptized eventually. I do know that The Gospel of Jesus Christ can change our lives to be better and I am very grateful for all the blessings from Heavenly Father which helped Jean to be able to participate His gospel.

Anyway, Hello guys! How are ya? This week has been a good week. We did a trade off with our district leader and stayed with 'em for few days. It was always fun bein' with 'em and I think Elder Babbage is one of the coolest missionary who I really like. I called him 'Mommy' though. Anyway he's from Queensland, Australia. He is a very big big guy and is full of love and fun!! I think I am askin' President to be with him next transfer. I also like my district leader Elder Sibbett who is always help me with anything. I can't imagine the mission without 'em.. Without 'em it would be better LOL!!! I am very grateful for the opportunity to be with 'em this week. 
​(Elder Sibbett and myself holding the tree)
We also went to the beach for a picnic with an investigator. #Lifeisgood

Well, this week, we were with the district leader most of the day as I told ya, so we had just 4 days workin' in our area. Life here is just travelin' around.. Ahh such a cool life :) We did meet a guy who belonged to the Jehovah witness church. At first, we tryna exchange some thought about the church and also our believes which was cool. I could tell that he was the first JHW who didn't bible bash at all. It was kinda awesome and it gave me a hope that there are still some awesome people in Australia today. It's just very rare here LOL. Well, we asked him if we could meet up with him sometimes but unfortunately, he was going out of town. However, he asked for our number and he gave it to his son Spencer! The son Spencer texted us later in that day and he was exceedingly excited to meet us and to have a chat about the church. To be honest, I am sorta scared because it would turn to be bible bashing any time. But! I really hope things will be good with him.

My companion and I had a chance to give talks in sacrament meeting this week and we talked about Missionary Work! But my topic was about The Lord's work and success often comes as little miracles. It was a bit hard to think about things in the past and add to my talk. Anyway, It went fine and seemed like people liked it.

I gotta go right now 'cause we are going to the ZOO right now!!! I am gonna kill all the kangaroos! HAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

(Ear wax!)​

Monday, August 21, 2017

(The 67th week) Not My Week!

G'day mates! It's been a week since the last preparation day but the time went by so quick! I think that this week wasn't my week at all because there were a lot of crazy things that came through my life. Well, the first thing which broke my heart was 'My Camera' Guess what? The lens was broken again! and it ruined all my whole week and left me with the sadness. Oh my gosh! I can't live without my lovely camera. It was just too sad for me.
This week's been a bit quiet. All the investigators got busy and there were not a lot of things to do except visiting some less-active members and just going around the town. Ultimately, we sorta failed, I knew that this sucked but well.. what should I do? endure to the end!
(We went to visit the Thai less-active member but he wasn't there. The area was pretty so we took this photo :))​ #TheLastPhoto
We always tried to keep ourselves busy but the area was just tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo quiet, no one really wanted to answer the door nor talk to us. Haha This must be the taste of the missionary life! #SoGood
One of the awesome thing of this week was Cooking! My companion and I went to cook for a member family. And again... Green Curry which is always tasty! but wait!!!! don't be surprised because I am going to say that.. I let my companion cook and he really did!!!! WOO HOO!!! I think he's pretty good at cooking and he's just awesome. An American + Thai food = Yummy! I also made the teriyaki chicken for them. They loved the food, the mom said she wanted to learn how to cook and we're going back to teach 'em next time. Uh! I can't wait for it.
We also went with our ward missionary leader for fishing at the beach! We had some fun and a great time together but I ended up with the sadness because I thought too much about life and the worldly stuffs. Haha don't blame on me 'cause I am not perfect.
We had a district P-day today. And it was just like in the picture! Golf!!!!
​Well, I need to go now. I hope you'll have a great week! LOVE YOU!!!
Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary)

Sunday, August 13, 2017

(The 66th week) I found myself!

"G'day From The Land Down Undah!"
Hello hello.. It's me Elder Timtam(Phimphan) again! How's it goin'? 
This week was sort of cool because we changed the way to find people to teach instead of door knockin', we've been doing street findin' for the most of the week. This is the first of the first time on my mission that I do street contacting. I hated it at first but it went very well actually. In my lovely opinion, I think it is not bad! If I could change my mind, why not the way to find people to teach huh! "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!!" Don't be confused mates.. if you've ever seen Teen Titans, it is Raven's magic spell LOL! Am I being playful? Nay!!!!!

Guess what!!! I just found myself with this awesome hair style haha! I know you like it.. I know you love it! Well, seemed like the people on the street loved my hair. They all were stunned by my glory and my beauty LOL Don't hate me guys.
I am very grateful for the knowledge which inspired me to make this hair style. It's not only awesome but it's just perfect for everything in this life. I was born for this! Am I being honest? Nay!! However, I know that Heavenly Father is proud of who we are, He is happy when we are happy. In the same time, we must follow him and keep his commandments! 10! 10! 10! Elder Phimphan!!! I know I am the best right? LOL
​I think I am into myself too much... well, let's be serious for now! 
I can tell that his week's been a very busy week. There were the zone conference and also, a trade off with our district leader. I learned how to talk to people on the street nicely, to get their attentions, and to teach them in a few minutes. It was not easy to talk to the people on the street as I thought but I'm getting there! I prefer tracting(Door knocking) but it's not really effective in this area. Ah.. not a lot of choices up here. 

While we were finding, we accidentally saw a sign of Sundial so we didn't hesitate to go there! and we didn't forget to take pictures!!!! (To be honest, I don't think this is about missionary work and a lot of things but as long as I like it, it must be fine to write) 
Being silly and crazy is one of the best things that I can do to bring joy and happiness into my life. I think it worked very well and I kind of know that Heavenly Father doesn't want me to be this crazy LOL! but well, I'm trying to be better each day. And.... don't forget of who you are. Fair dinkum!
Alright I gotta go now. I hope you're doing awesome. Do not forget that I miss and love you always and forever! ​Your prayer will be on my lips and... one last request from me is... I'M HUNGRY!!!! SEND ME SOME FOOD!!!!

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

This transfer!!

Last Transfer!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

(The 65th week) I wish I could do better...

Hello family and friends,
I don't know what I should start with... it looks like I'm in the middle of something bad. The taste of my life is so yummy! I tried hard to be happy and crazy but sometimes I just feel lonely. There are complicated feelings which are inside my head all the time these days. Or am I being insane? I think I normally am! hahaha. I sometimes struggle with myself because I don't really understand something in this world. Well, this life seems to be hard and I know that I have to smile and be happy in this hard time. The trial is ready to drag me down all the time and I hate being like this.

Well, just forget about the top part. I was in a drama time for a moment.
This week has been a good week... I guessed. We met some awesome people and were able to share the gospel with them.
1. Tim - A very nice guy. He's a former investigator from a long time ago. We knocked on his door and he just let us in his house! He came up with a lot of questions and also he said he likes our church because the people in the church seem to be happy and they just treat each other like good friends and family. Haha! we got 1 point from that. He really wanted to know about Joseph Smith so we share the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to him and he seemed to be very interested with it and he just.. couldn't wait for the next lesson!!

2. Tenalle - She is a 18 year-old girl. Actually she's turning 18 in this week. We met her by door knocking. She doesn't believe in anything at all so I told her we are here to help people to find out if God is real and I asked her if she found out that there is a God, would she follow him? Well, she said yes! and her journey is begun..
We went back again and we began the first lesson with the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I think it was kind of awkward because she was too quiet but she is happy to learn more and I hope the gospel will change her life somehow. 

3. Rebecca - She's also a former investigator from a long time ago. She told us that she's finding a religion for her daughters and months ago, her husband met with a member in Maitland(another ward) and the member kind of shared something with them and they are opened for us to visit now! YAH!! I feel so happy for that.

The work is going good but....... haha I need to restart myself to be fresh and happy again.
Well, I just wanted to let you know how I am doing and I will try to be better. 
I hope you'll have a good week and stay HAPPY!!!

Elder Phimpham (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)