Sunday, July 23, 2017

(The 63rd week) the 9th companion

''Hello from the land down under''
(actually above Sydney)
Well, we witness the passing of another transfer. My good friend and companion Elder Parkinson will be leaving to Ourimbah where is below my zone and he will be a Zone Leader there. My new companion will be Elder Ferguson, I guess he must be from America. I saw him around before and I think he's the sweetest hahaha I'm very excited and ready to serve with him now! The area is still looking extremely promising. We've seen a great few people miraculously start progressing on the steps of the Gospel of Christ.​

This week we were lucky and grateful to meet with Belinda. She was a referral from a member months ago and it was sort of hard to catch her but we did! The first lesson went by pretty good. She was willing to ask such awesome questions like 'there are many churches..I want to know which one is true' and luckily we were able to answer her questions by sharing the restoration of the gospel with her and it made her to be excited to learn more. Well, couldn't deny the spirit who helped her to understand the message. #Awesomeawesome

Last week our lovely ward missionary leader asked me if I could cook for the activity "Cooking night" it sounded to be a cool activity right? so I agreed to cook Thai food. and yea... I cooked Green Curry! 

It looks very bad right? it was super duper tasty! and if you want to join us.. it is every Saturday at 6 pm. Come and enjoy the taste of Thai food!

We also had a special training conference last week. The training was about Jesus Christ of course!, the way to find more people to teach and the teaching skills. Elder&Sister Haleck of the pacific area came to visit us. It was fun and full of the spirit. The funniest part of this training was when Elder Haleck let us ask him questions. I prepared a question for him.. I raised my hand up.. ready to ask.. "mm.. I heard president Checketts said that you've been serving in the pacific area for 5 years or more right?". then Elder Haleck answerd "Yes. It's the 5th year this year". at that time I was too excited and I totally forgot the next thing that I wanted to ask.. it was being quiet, I freak out so I just selected one of the question that came to my mind by following the spirit as we were taught to do so. I looked up.. with confidence and said "How did you meet your wife?" 
Bahaha! everyone in the conference was laughing so hard and I realized later that it was totally different questions and it did not link each one at all.
I also had a great opportunity to see these Thai-Laos friends. It was soo awesome!! awesome!!!

I know the gospel of Jesus Christ will transform us to be like Him when we return to His presence.
I hope you guys are doing good. I will try my best to be good too!

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)
The District
Have you ever seen this thing??

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