Monday, July 17, 2017

(The 62nd week) Never forget!

Safe Zone 5

G'day mates! It's Elder Phimphan again!!
This week has been a cool week. Not only cool.. it was also freezing! let's come back to the subject. I am doing good and everything seemed to be easy and I am ready for the last week of the transfer. There were heaps of things to do and to enjoy this week and I also heard that there will be a ton of things to do next week too! I can't wait for the next week and to see what it is going to happen for the transfer.

Last Monday(P-day) we went to the dam.. DAM!!!!!! I'm not being sarcastic nor tryna be rude nor anything.. but yea.. it's a dam. Well our district leader invited us to go there and I think it was good to see the nature and the view there. I actually didn't enjoy going there because it was nothing there. Anyway I didn't forget to get a lot of photos from that place.
(Glennies Creek Dam)
There was also a baptism in our district this week. We attended there and guess what.. I accidentally saw the Akbal family there again! I don't know why I always took the photo with the kid hahaha anyway must be a good luck to come to see one another again. #Love

 Last Sunday we attended the musical devotional at.......somewhere in Newcastle........ honestly I don't remember that area haha. Well well.. we(missionaries) had something to perform too! We sang the mission song "O Love That Glorifies The Son" and it went very well because I am pretty good at singing hahahaha #NoMoreHumility.... actually I don't know how to sing and I didn't do anything that much.. just moving my lips and make the noise lol
I also met a less active Thai member there. We speak the same dialect. She is from Udon and she was studying in Khon Kaen which is my province. She was super nice to me and she invited me to visit her sometime but sadly she lives out of the area. Hopefully the president will move me there before I finish the mission so I could help her to be active again.
The performance was good, I had a good time and I didn't forget to get some pictures from that activity #Skuxx

Alright I think I gotta go now... time is always short but do not forget that I think about you all the time! 
Hope you're doing good and have an awesome week guys ♥

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

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