Sunday, July 9, 2017

(The 61st week) Another cool week in Sydney!

Safe Zone 4

It's been an awesome week! We did a trade off with the salt ash Elder and I was with Elder Sibbett. I saw a part of 'The Akbal family' (the family that I met at my first area) again! Even though it was not all of them, I was so happy to see them because I love them so much.
 Well it seemed like the kid missed me a lot..(I guessed) so we made a boxing team and fought each other! Muay Thai is the best and I don't actually know how to box as a boxer so I span around just like a top. I wish I could see them again before I finish the mission. They are the best of the best YAY! #Family

I also had an opportunity to see the ocean in salt ash while we were finding! It was so blue and beautiful. One thing that I want to do was tasting the taste the water of the ocean but I didn't do that yet. I really wish to come around here sometime again to make my dream come true haha.
Highlight : While we were finding around there we met a guy​ named Vai. He seemed to be a hardcore guy and a little bit crazy when we talked to about God. Well well at least he pointed to the Book of Mormon and asked us what it is.. 'This is the Book of Mormon' my companion replied, suddenly Vai said 'I know it is true.. I read it before' we were surprised that he read the B.O.M. but he also said that he doesn't think that the church is true. 'Do you think that you are wasting your time in your life to come to do this for 2 years?' Vai asked, It began to be a little bit serious and awkward.. anyway we shared our testimonies and tried to explain about why we're doing this.......................
Are you ready for the funniest part of this story?
Vai interrupted while I was baring my testimony and he said 'Well done Elders! I'm actually a member in the Gosford ward!' 
LOL!!!!!!!! we were laughing so hard and it was the funniest thing since I came on the mission so far. Well.. Vai got us!!!!!

After I bore my testimony about the deadly cold weather last fast Sunday, some members brought me these sweaters. and I thank them a lot for these lovely protections from the cold!
​Since I came to this area.. I have been receiving much love from the member! ♥

I know by receiving love from the people who are around me that Heavenly Father lives and He loves us a lot! I try to be as a better person as I can each day because Heavenly Father gives his love to me to improve myself. #BecauseIHaveBeenGivenMuch

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

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