Sunday, July 30, 2017

(The 64th week) Must be a good week!

G'day mates! It's Elder Phimphan. How's it going?
This week has been fulfilled with a lot of different spirits. It was kind of hard but it went by really good because I was born with the gift of happiness! 
Well well, I guess I mentioned about the transfer last week. So I just got my companion this week and his name was Elder Ferguson. He is from the land of mountain, UTAH! I wonder why I am mostly with american. Anyway Elder Ferguson is not bad. He is such a gentle guy in a slim tall body. We both get along pretty well I assume and this transfer seems to be a very good and exciting. Ough I can't wait to go out and tract all those houses!

We started the first week with tracting to fulfil our record. Our area is sort of like.. nothing to do but door knocking. No trains, busses, nor even the people on the street so we chose tracting for this area. This week we did not get anything that much but a few potential investigators. Most of them said to come back and teach them next time. That's a great opportunity for us eh. Let's see what it's going to happen..
For Belinda, we went t see her but she was busy at the moment so we just introduced Elder Ferguson to her and left. She's doing good though. #TryAgainLater

I just wanted to let you guys to know that things are going well. I love my companion even though he seems so sad to be with me but our friendships grow better and better each day.
I also thought him to cook Thai Food! 2 menus already. Pad Kra Pao and Green Curry. I cooked for him at first and he just loved it and wanted to learn to cook with me so here we go! I taught him...
We had a really good time this week. Last Saturday there was a ward talent night and I performed a......... something I don't really know how to call and I didn't name it so it was like playing a violin+dancing in the same time. It was kind of hilarious and it was the only crazy performance in that night. However, I felt so happy that everyone loved and enjoyed my show! (I wish I could upload a video on here)
My adventure is not done yet. I still have 9 months to go and I hope that my companion and I will one day become good friends. 

I know that Heavenly Father loves and cars about us because I can feel his love each day.
I hope you guys are doing good. 

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)
​(This is my Pokemon!)
​(The evolution of me+my pokemon)

Sunday, July 23, 2017

(The 63rd week) the 9th companion

''Hello from the land down under''
(actually above Sydney)
Well, we witness the passing of another transfer. My good friend and companion Elder Parkinson will be leaving to Ourimbah where is below my zone and he will be a Zone Leader there. My new companion will be Elder Ferguson, I guess he must be from America. I saw him around before and I think he's the sweetest hahaha I'm very excited and ready to serve with him now! The area is still looking extremely promising. We've seen a great few people miraculously start progressing on the steps of the Gospel of Christ.​

This week we were lucky and grateful to meet with Belinda. She was a referral from a member months ago and it was sort of hard to catch her but we did! The first lesson went by pretty good. She was willing to ask such awesome questions like 'there are many churches..I want to know which one is true' and luckily we were able to answer her questions by sharing the restoration of the gospel with her and it made her to be excited to learn more. Well, couldn't deny the spirit who helped her to understand the message. #Awesomeawesome

Last week our lovely ward missionary leader asked me if I could cook for the activity "Cooking night" it sounded to be a cool activity right? so I agreed to cook Thai food. and yea... I cooked Green Curry! 

It looks very bad right? it was super duper tasty! and if you want to join us.. it is every Saturday at 6 pm. Come and enjoy the taste of Thai food!

We also had a special training conference last week. The training was about Jesus Christ of course!, the way to find more people to teach and the teaching skills. Elder&Sister Haleck of the pacific area came to visit us. It was fun and full of the spirit. The funniest part of this training was when Elder Haleck let us ask him questions. I prepared a question for him.. I raised my hand up.. ready to ask.. "mm.. I heard president Checketts said that you've been serving in the pacific area for 5 years or more right?". then Elder Haleck answerd "Yes. It's the 5th year this year". at that time I was too excited and I totally forgot the next thing that I wanted to ask.. it was being quiet, I freak out so I just selected one of the question that came to my mind by following the spirit as we were taught to do so. I looked up.. with confidence and said "How did you meet your wife?" 
Bahaha! everyone in the conference was laughing so hard and I realized later that it was totally different questions and it did not link each one at all.
I also had a great opportunity to see these Thai-Laos friends. It was soo awesome!! awesome!!!

I know the gospel of Jesus Christ will transform us to be like Him when we return to His presence.
I hope you guys are doing good. I will try my best to be good too!

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)
The District
Have you ever seen this thing??

Monday, July 17, 2017

(The 62nd week) Never forget!

Safe Zone 5

G'day mates! It's Elder Phimphan again!!
This week has been a cool week. Not only cool.. it was also freezing! let's come back to the subject. I am doing good and everything seemed to be easy and I am ready for the last week of the transfer. There were heaps of things to do and to enjoy this week and I also heard that there will be a ton of things to do next week too! I can't wait for the next week and to see what it is going to happen for the transfer.

Last Monday(P-day) we went to the dam.. DAM!!!!!! I'm not being sarcastic nor tryna be rude nor anything.. but yea.. it's a dam. Well our district leader invited us to go there and I think it was good to see the nature and the view there. I actually didn't enjoy going there because it was nothing there. Anyway I didn't forget to get a lot of photos from that place.
(Glennies Creek Dam)
There was also a baptism in our district this week. We attended there and guess what.. I accidentally saw the Akbal family there again! I don't know why I always took the photo with the kid hahaha anyway must be a good luck to come to see one another again. #Love

 Last Sunday we attended the musical devotional at.......somewhere in Newcastle........ honestly I don't remember that area haha. Well well.. we(missionaries) had something to perform too! We sang the mission song "O Love That Glorifies The Son" and it went very well because I am pretty good at singing hahahaha #NoMoreHumility.... actually I don't know how to sing and I didn't do anything that much.. just moving my lips and make the noise lol
I also met a less active Thai member there. We speak the same dialect. She is from Udon and she was studying in Khon Kaen which is my province. She was super nice to me and she invited me to visit her sometime but sadly she lives out of the area. Hopefully the president will move me there before I finish the mission so I could help her to be active again.
The performance was good, I had a good time and I didn't forget to get some pictures from that activity #Skuxx

Alright I think I gotta go now... time is always short but do not forget that I think about you all the time! 
Hope you're doing good and have an awesome week guys ♥

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

(The 61st week) Another cool week in Sydney!

Safe Zone 4

It's been an awesome week! We did a trade off with the salt ash Elder and I was with Elder Sibbett. I saw a part of 'The Akbal family' (the family that I met at my first area) again! Even though it was not all of them, I was so happy to see them because I love them so much.
 Well it seemed like the kid missed me a lot..(I guessed) so we made a boxing team and fought each other! Muay Thai is the best and I don't actually know how to box as a boxer so I span around just like a top. I wish I could see them again before I finish the mission. They are the best of the best YAY! #Family

I also had an opportunity to see the ocean in salt ash while we were finding! It was so blue and beautiful. One thing that I want to do was tasting the taste the water of the ocean but I didn't do that yet. I really wish to come around here sometime again to make my dream come true haha.
Highlight : While we were finding around there we met a guy​ named Vai. He seemed to be a hardcore guy and a little bit crazy when we talked to about God. Well well at least he pointed to the Book of Mormon and asked us what it is.. 'This is the Book of Mormon' my companion replied, suddenly Vai said 'I know it is true.. I read it before' we were surprised that he read the B.O.M. but he also said that he doesn't think that the church is true. 'Do you think that you are wasting your time in your life to come to do this for 2 years?' Vai asked, It began to be a little bit serious and awkward.. anyway we shared our testimonies and tried to explain about why we're doing this.......................
Are you ready for the funniest part of this story?
Vai interrupted while I was baring my testimony and he said 'Well done Elders! I'm actually a member in the Gosford ward!' 
LOL!!!!!!!! we were laughing so hard and it was the funniest thing since I came on the mission so far. Well.. Vai got us!!!!!

After I bore my testimony about the deadly cold weather last fast Sunday, some members brought me these sweaters. and I thank them a lot for these lovely protections from the cold!
​Since I came to this area.. I have been receiving much love from the member! ♥

I know by receiving love from the people who are around me that Heavenly Father lives and He loves us a lot! I try to be as a better person as I can each day because Heavenly Father gives his love to me to improve myself. #BecauseIHaveBeenGivenMuch

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

Monday, July 3, 2017

(The 60th week) Safe Zone 3

 Hello family and friends! We actually just got back from going to the "Zoo" and we have more places to go so I guess I will have a few time to email today and yea.. let's see what I got for this awesome week.

This week was pretty fun and I think it is one of the best week in Sydney. 
On Thursday we did a trade off with the Zone Leader. I was with Elder Wright...
​(Elder Wright and myself)
It was super fun spending time with this funny zone leader. But the weather was so bad. Even though it was raining for the whole day, we wouldn't stop working. We were able to find a new investigator and some potential investigators under the rain which was awesome. Heavenly Father really did look after us.

We also visited a member family at that night. #HappyTimeHappyFamily

On Friday... it was the last day of the month. We got a few kilometers left for the car so we went a little bit further up north to see some people. I accidentally drove pass a national park called 'Lake st clair' which is in the middle of nowhere.
It is a very beautiful place! I couldn't believe that I would be there looking to the view and beautiful nature!

My bishop invited us over for dinner. After the dinner I asked bishop's wife if there is any beautiful place to visit on P-day. She then invited us to the zoo and she would pay for us!! 
​It was an awesome day with the bishop's family at the zoo! I'm so appreciated and grateful for everything to be here with these people.

I'm sorry.. I have not much time left. I miss you all so much and very much! I hope you all will have a good week!

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)