Monday, June 12, 2017

(The 57th week) Into the wood! (for real)

      There once was a little boy whose name was Elder Phimphan. He served in the richest area of Sydney for a looooong long time in Australia, He had it all. The train, the big area, the lovely flat, the awesome ward. It seemed like things couldn't get any better. Then one day, that little boy got a very special call. He found out that he would be leaving! How could this be? How could he leave everything he knew and loved? But then he remembered what it was like leaving home. He felt very many of the same feelings as he was felling now. So he decided to go and do as he read in the Scriptures, and be brave. He packed his bags, visited his friends and left. He hopped on a train and saw lots of exciting things. "Hey, this isn't bad at all!" he thought to himself. He thought that for only a short time though. For the ride up to his next area began to be very long and boring. He felt like he wanted to talk to someone and he talked to a man who sat next to him "G'day mate" He said, The man on the train replied back and they started to have a good conversation until.. "Have you had barbie roo(barbie = barbecue, roo = kangaroo)?" the man on the train asked, Elder Phimphan didn't understand because of his poor English, he thought that the man on the train asked him 'Have you had baby loo'(baby = a baby, loo = toilet. so baby+loo = little toilet)[so mart right?], "I had a big toilet in my last flat" he confidently answered. The man on the train laughed out loud and the man on the train helped him to learn Australian language until the man on the train got off the train! There were 3-4 more stops left, then he settled down for a long nap. Next thing he knew, they were stopped and it was so cold outside. He still didn't know very much about this strange place, but he wasn't afraid anymore. But he found something out that day . . . He is in the middle of nowhere!!!!!
G'day mates! It's me Elder Phimphan! 😎 How's it goin'?
     The week's been super duper awesome! So as you may or may not have realized. I just arrived to my new area called Cessnock! But I live in a place called Singleton (Single = Not married, Ton = a ton. so single+ton = a ton of single people) I just realized that I'm so smart LOL!
It seemed very beautiful here, nice air.. good view... it's just.. perfect for farming.
My companion is Elder Parkinson. He's from Texas!!!!!! It's TEXAAAAAS!! whatever... he seemed to be a very good person and.. he's just funny!
I don't know much about the area and the ward yet. As we got home, we came straight to the library for emailing.

A night before I moved to this planet. I had a super duper good opportunity to go visit these awesome people!
(The Kalischer and The Walkter's family)
(The Trujillo family)
(The Figueroa family)
They all are my favourite people in the Dural ward! I miss them already 😢
Anyway I need to keep going and striving to learn and grow here. It's different and it must be difficult to change things to adjust to the new people and the area.
Thank you so much for your emails. I miss you all and always think about you guys!
Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)


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