Sunday, June 4, 2017

(The 56th week) Beautiful life beautiful cars

Good morning, afternoon and evening everyone! 
It was a pretty good week here! Not as good as it could've been, but good. So lets start with... a photo LOL 😂
I got the interview with the president on Thursday and it went well.. just well... I asked the president if I am pregnant LOL I mean if I am going to have a son(to train a new missionary). He said I need to wait a little bit longer 😢 Anyway wait.........................

So my companion and I had an awesome experience this week. First thing first I want to ask you 'Do you remember the rich member that I took a ton of photos of the car? so I am going to mention about him today. His name is Brother Bailey. Brother Bailey offered 5 lessons with missionaries to his crew named Adam. Adam accepted his offer by coming to learn the gospel with us at Brother Bailey's house. After the interview with the president we went to meet Adam. We were surprised that Adam invited his friend Chris to join the lesson. We taught the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to them and after the lesson they both were touched by the spirit and required to learn more! #Referrals 

Brother Bailey showed us another garage and this happened......

Tooooooooo many right? I couldn't believe that I was standing among of those awesome cars.

Oh! the transfer is coming! I'll let you know what it is gonna happen next week.

Things are going pretty great out here. The temps are starting to drop. Days getting a lot shorter and it is harder to go out in the evening.

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

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