Sunday, April 30, 2017

(The 51st week) Staying in Dural again! 6 Transfers In Dural!

"Hello from the BEST area in Sydney"
​I hope everyone is doing well. Indeed, this week was pretty difficult because there was a transfer called! Guess what...I'm not going to move, it means I'm staying in this awesome area but my lovely companion is moving 😖 Anyway, It's been 7 and a half months here and I'm going to be here for another 1 and a half month! Seems so very long. I'm getting my 4th companion in this area named Elder Mayes. He's from America though. 
The weirdest thing for me this transfer is I'm a District Leader now. I felt like I just leveled up hahaha! more thing, It's going to be my year mark in 10 days YAY! One more year to go! #timefly

It seems like I'm going to get a new car because I heard that my companion drives. Hopefully, we will get one. Let's see! 

This week was nice. We did some great work and always!
It looks nice, isn't it? I know..I know I did a really good job with trimming bushes😋 OK! let me know if you want me to make your garden! Not expensive..we can talk about the price. #justkidding I wish I could get some money anyway haha

And again! we had a lot of non-members who did attend the sacrament meeting on Sunday. We got 13!!! From the sister missionaries 7 and from us 6. Indeed, I needed to give a thank to our members who worked very hard to bring so many souls to come unto Christ! #HurrahForIsrael

Well.., and this P-day we aren't doing very much. Kinda nothing. I LOVE it. I'm going to take so many naps.
Have a great week guys!! Love you all. Be safe please. Peace out.

Elder Phimphan (The most skux missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)
Elder Phimphan doesn't know that I'm going to post this one hahaha
Fast and Furious 9 ;D
I hope it'll grow ♥ #Basil

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