Monday, April 10, 2017

(The 48th week) The general conference was great!

Dear family and friends,

How is everyone doing this wonderful week? Hope it's good for you all. It's starting to get a little windy and cold here in Sydney. I'm pretty excited for this winter because I don't want to take a shower 2 times a day. 😂 just kidding mates! I gotcha again hahaha Anyway, today is pretty cold and cloudy. It looks like it's going to rain tonight. Mm..I really enjoy how my Father in Heaven teases me #adorable haha

This week has been awesome and the general conference was very very good! I love having the opportunity to listen from our inspired leaders twice a year.

 And of course I am going to talk about the general conference!
First, I am so excited for the temples that our prophet just announced to build. It made me think about when the Thailand Bangkok temple was announced to build. I was extremely happy.
Alright.. There are many talks that I like but I want to mention about the talk of Elder Joaquin E. Costa which talked about his conversion story and convincing people to learn about the church of God. His talk reminded me about my story when I first got baptized. I particularly liked when he talked about the lessons he learned on his path to baptism. He said..
  1. Meeting the Missionaries
  2. Going to church
  3. Reading the Book of Mormon
  4. Repent +(reading Alma 42)
After he said all of these steps, I felt like the spirit was touching my heart so hard because lots of my investigators don't read the Book of Mormon and they don't really have the testimony about the true church of God. Before the conference, my companion and I were talking about helping our investigators to read the Book of Mormon so they could know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church of God. Elder Costa's talk confirmed that we need to do likewise so our investigators could get closer to the Lord, Jesus Christ and be baptized eventually.
I testify and confirm to you that The Book of Mormon will draw you closer to the Lord, Jesus Christ and help you to come to know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and Joseph Smith was a prophet who restored the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I also had an opportunity to do trade off with my beloved zone leader this week. I went with Elder Finlinson and my companion went with Elder Valenteros. It was awesome to be with them. Even it was just a day, I learned lots of things from them. I am grateful for Heavenly Father that always shines the light into my life and keep me going. 
(Elder Tapuhiro, Elder Finlinson, Elder Valenteros, Elder Phimphan)
I hope you will have a good week and I am pretty sure that you will. 

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

 Elder Finlinsion and Elder Phimphan #Squad

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