Sunday, March 19, 2017

(The 45th week) Dural again! Lalalala..

Dear family and friends! 
It's Elder Phimphan again... How's it going? 
OK! Transfer - Guess what..I'm not moving again! yay!! Gosh! I've been here in Dural ward for 6 months now and I'm going to be here for another 1 and a half month! And this transfer is going to be my 1 year mark but I'm still in the 2nd area of my mission 😂 what a blessing to be here haha
Last Friday, I went to the mission office to get the pamphlets and there were some missionaries that were taking the Michigan test(English Test) there and one of the senior missionary asked us if we want to take the test too so my companion and I took the Michigan test for the BYU Hawaii. It was very very very hard for me because I'm still learning the language so I assume that I'm not going to pass the test 😅 but I still have 2 more chances for this year(3 times a year)! During this time, I'll prepare my English for the next time for sure!
​(I need to study harder!!)
I just got my haircut from Elder Mortimer this morning but it is very sad that he is moving :( Anyway, I will show you my haircut next week xD
Jean & William - They are doing good. They come to church every Sunday! We visited them twice this week. Jean still drinks wine but she told us that she drinks less! We taught and read in the Book of Mormon with her about trusting God and about patience so she could be able to handle with the probation in her life. Well..I will be here to encourage and help her to stop drinking alcohol so she can be with her husband and her family after this life and I know that she will! 

Ali - He is still busy. We contact him by texting these days and he is coming back next month. All is well.. all is well.

Muhammad - He is the best but he is a little bit busy because he goes to the uni most of the time!

Donnie & Cynthia - We didn't visit them this week because they were busy and it was raining so hard during the week. We will try again this week! Anyway, they are very awesome and always focus when we share the gospel. 

Well..the work is a little hard these days because it is still raining all the time but my companion and I will not give up. We will go and do what the Lord commanded us! 😚👏 (According to a scripture in the Book of Mormon in 1 Nephi 3:7)


Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

Elder Finlinson, Elder Phimphan, Elder Mortimer
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