Monday, December 19, 2016

(The 32nd week) Merry Christmas!

Hello family and friends! How are you doing? I'm doing good on my mission. It is a little bit difficult but I will never give up. And about this week I will write about special things of each day. I hope you will love it

Monday - P-day. There were two missionaries that came to stay with us. One of them was Elder Leota(my last companion). It was very nice to see him before he finishes his mission.

Tuesday - Christmas Conference! The best conference ever! I had a lot of fun. I had opportunities to see heaps of my friends before they finish their mission and to meet new friends. And also, I learned a lot about the life of Christ. One of the best moment was my mission president allowed us to watch a movie "Finding Dory" during the conference. It was weird, isn't it? well..but I learned heaps of this movie. especially, finding who I am and being who I am. And after the conference, we went to visit Jean at the end of the day.

Wednesday - Mm..I got a headache and was very sick so.. we didn't work.

Thursday - It was raining all day. We went to see some potential investigators. After that, we went to visit Jean and encouraged her to stop drinking alcohol (She still has this problem) and we asked her if we could come to visit her every day, just to say hi and see how she is doing with alcohol. She said she would love to have us every day!

Friday - We bought two bottles of none-alcohol wine for Jean(very cheap) She loved it and it was very awesome to have a chat with her. 

Saturday - We went with the Normanhurst Elders to help a family member move their house. 
In the evening, we went to visit Jean again. She still drinks alcohol but less.. I'm kind of happy wit that but not really.

Sunday - Special day! Heaps of our investigators came to church and this couldn't happen without helps from members!
  1. Rodney - Long time no see him. He's doing fine. Just going to move to another area soon. I went on split with a member(Ben Chalke) to pick Rodney up at his house because his car was dead. He was very happy to come to church and learn about the Savior. 1point to Ben Chalke
  2. Jean&William(Jean's son) - Her car was dead too.. and we got help from Ben again! He called his sister to go to pick Jean up. Jean said she loves coming to church and she really enjoyed church service. 
  3. Ali&Muhammad - These mates are the best! I really love them. They have very good understandings about the gospel. We taught the Restoration to them and committed them to pray and ask God if this message is true, and if Joseph Smith was a prophet. They said they will do that! Oh! The kingdom of God is not too far from them hahaha
and today, I got a very good news from Elder(Brother) Sribunruang that my family is still learning the gospel! Yay!
Well.. I hope you enjoy my journey(this email). I testify that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and I hope you all have a very good week. Do not forget that I miss and love you all. Merry Christmas!!!

Elder Phimphan

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