Sunday, November 27, 2016

(The 29th week)

Christmas is coming! 

Hello everyone! to begin.. I don't really know what I am supposed to write for this week. I completely forgot everything haha 
Well..How are you doing? I'm doing very good here. It's been an adventure this week because there were many things to do..
First.. Zone Conference! 
​It was very fun. I learned about teaching people by the holy ghost. As a missionary, we send the message to people through the holy ghost. The holy ghost is the best teacher that will help those who are learning the gospel to be able to understand and to know that the message is true. The holy ghost will testify all everything while we are teaching them. That's very cool eh.. having the holy ghost to guide us and help us in our lives. 

Second.. Switching companion!
I was with Elder Serano in Normanhurst area again! Elder Serano is a very cool and humble person. I learned a lot from him to be a better missionary. 
Third.. Working hard!
This week, My companion and I found heaps of new investigators by door knocking! I was so surprised when people invited us to get in their house and let us teach right away. I truly knew that God provided them for us! And yea..we are going back to see them next week!

And.. Jean is doing awesome! She understood more and more in the gospel. She had a problem about praying..she always prayed by memorizing the word and it is very hard for her to change the way to pray because she had prayed in that way for her whole life. 2nd last time, I wrote how to pray in the most powerful way for her so she could get the full blessings from God. She began to change the way she prays and she said she feels better when she prays!
How to pray
1. Heavenly Father
2. Say anything from your heart
3. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I know that Heavenly Father loves us. He wants us to communicate with him..and we can communicate with him by pray! I invite you all to pray every day and ask him if he is real or not. I know that He will answer you just like he answered me.

I love you all and always pray for you! 

Elder Phimphan (The most skux missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

หึ้ยๆๆๆ มีเสื้อสงกรานต์ขายด้วยแหล่ะ 555555555
มะม่วงทางนี้แพ๊งแพง ลูกละ150กว่าบาท เห็นแล้วท้อแท้ 

Zone Conference!!

Sister Cox!
Dural and Normanhurst Chapel!
Yum Yum!
What is this!!!?

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