Monday, September 19, 2016

(The 19th week) Family ♥

Hello again! This week went by so fast!
And it came to pass that; Me and my companion are doing well. Just a bit lazy because of the weather. The weather is kinda crazy this week. It was hot in another day and rained yesterday, and today, it's kind of warm. Well well! Most of people here are getting sick 😁 (evil laugh) but I'm still doing good because I'm the best to survive in the heat 😎 what a nice time to be... hahaha 

This week, I just got a birthday letter from [my family😬] the Daileys(Dad, Mom, Tyler, Trevor, and Troy) The letter came late but worth it. It was very nice to read their letters and see what they wrote to me and how much they care about me because I love them heaps. I really enjoyed reading the letter. So this is my invitation for everyone.. Feel free to send me a letter or an email! hahaha I'd love to read all of your letters and emails. And I say unto you look! How happy I was...
Our investigator, Tracy and her partner, Penny are doing good. We went to the park in Penrith to do some family activity together. It was very awesome to be with them, to see they having such great time as a family. They're still waiting to get married in the next month and then get baptized!! I'm so grateful for all of the opportunities to know them, to serve the people in Ropes Crossing. Sometimes, I feel like I didn't work hard, didn't do my best enough but I only know that every single minute that I serve and give to the Lord, The Lord will give me the blessings back. And because I know that The Lord loves me. He will always protect me as long as I serve and give Him my time.
Oh yea! I forgot to tell you that Elder Phimphan is back!! I just bought the camera lens that I was finding for a month. It was 199$ (Expensive as!!) however, I need to buy it because I want to take photos with the high quality. So.. are you ready to get heaps of my photos! 😱
  • I testify that Heavenly Father lives... He loves us. I'm here because of his love.
  • I testify that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's true church. Without this church, I wouldn't know the truth and how much God loves me. 
  • I testify that The Book of Mormon is the word of God and translated by Joseph Smith.
  • I testify that Joseph Smith was a prophet and he restored the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • I testify that Thomas S Monson is a prophet.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
And Hey! Do not forget to email me every week! I love all of you.
Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in the Australia Sydney North Mission)

I got one more cake from members!!!!!

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