Wednesday, July 6, 2016

(The 8th week) The week of activities!

Hello! July!! I wish this month would be full of sunshine but... it's still so cold to me. This week, there were many activities, zone training, ward activity, and fire side at church. I had a lot of fun! I really love going to the activities of the church and have fun with all of members. This week was still awesome. I got an investigator from a member at church on Sunday. A member just brought him to church on Sunday and told us to take care of him. After church meeting, we asked him to meet again sometimes and he said yes! that was so sweet! I love to be a missionary, I love to pray, I love reading the scriptures, I love to serve people, and I know that as we give our times to God, God will give us blessings back more than we could imagine. The miracles always happen to me. I truly know that those miracles are from God, our Heavenly Father. And this week, I got a blessing to cook Thai food. I've never thought that I could find the things to cook Thai food here. It was so great! Missionaries loved my food. I miss Thailand too much, so much, very much right now....(Bird Thongchai's song) I cannot wait to go back and enjoy with all of friends there! and I love all of you. Don't forget to email me :

Love you heaps,
Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)
 I cooked Thai food!!!

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