Monday, July 18, 2016

(The 10th week) Hello my 2nd transfer

G'day everybody from Thailand and all around the world. How's it goin? I'm great here. This week was so great! I had a good opportunity to met a Thai woman(New investigator) at a Thai restaurant in Ropes Crossing area. She seemed very interested in the gospel. At first time I met her, she cooked papaya salad for me. its taste was sooooo good! she told me where she bought the ingredients so I can buy it and cook it myself HAHAHA! She works in the Thai restaurant which is called Noodle Hut. I talked to her a little bit and invited her to learn about the  gospel. She agreed to learn the gospel with us but she told me she wanted to learn in Thai!!! because she wouldn't understand the words of the church in English. We made an appointment to meet and learn her on Friday. On Friday, she went to wait us early at the Thai restaurant. She was so excited to meet us. I taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ, Faith in Christ, how to repent, baptism by immersion for the remission of sins, the Holy Ghost, enduring to the end, and I taught her how to pray so she can contact to God. She is so awesome. She understood so fast. I can really say that the spirit was so strong to help her to learn at that time. While I was teaching her, my companion was like.. what the language in the world are you speaking.. HAHAHA because he doesn't understand Thai. but I always translated to him in English. It was a good lesson with her. I love that.

Last Sunday, TJ got the interview for his baptism He's passed! and he is going to get baptized in next 2 weeks! I'm very excited for him YAY!! I'm so glad to help him understand about the gospel. even if it was just a little bit because my English is not good. Well well, I learn English in every opportunity I have and I rely on the Lord that He will help me learning English. Now! I just started reading the Book of Mormon in English and learn more about the words. I really love to read the Book of Mormon because every time when I read it, I noticed that it always teach me and answer my questions in my mind. When I read the Book of Mormon, I feel really good. I truly know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and is true. I miss all of you so much. and do not forget that I love you all! See you next week!

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)
Papaya Salad
Language Study!!!

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