Monday, June 6, 2016

What a Wonderful Day!!

When I was at the Salt Lake City Airport, I had to pay for my suitcases 150 dollars US!. I had only 80 dollars. I was worried if I have to go back to the MTC and ask for more money to pay for my suitcases. Suddenly, There was a man who walked to me and said "I'll pay.. I'll pay for him" Then I was like.. 'Oh my goodness! Are you serious??? that's too much money' I gave him 80 dollars and he paid for all my suitcases. I said "Thank you" to him and he answered, "Thank you for serving" Oh my goodness! What a nice man on earth! I'm so lucky to meet him there. without him I would come to Australia late. I know that God sent him to help me. Thank you for your help and your kindness. I will not forget such an awesome man like him. Thanks for making my day!! If I meet him again, I would give him a big hug and I really want to be his friend. I'm so appreciated for this. THANK YOU!! Mr. Cameron Lyon. You're my HERO!

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