Monday, June 27, 2016

(The 7th week)

The time has gone by so fast! I cannot believe that I've been here for 4 weeks already in Australia! By the way, Hello to all of my dear friends, family, and everybody! The weather is getting colder and colder here. I'm about to die!!!!!  Last Thursday, I traded off. My companion was Elder Kweon. He is from Korea. He lives with me at the flats. I was with him for a day to serve the people in Hassall Grove area. Is was so fun to be with him. He taught me a lot to be a good missionary and do missionary's work. We went to many places, did a service, and taught people. On Satueday, My companion and I took TJ(the boy who is going to baptized on July 9th but we postponed his baptism to the end of July) to a baptism of Brother Peter Daley. He loved it and said "I want to get baptized!" That was so amazing huh. In Evening, We went to TJ's house and met his family. We taught TJ a lesson and played a game which is helped him to increase his faith in Jesus Christ. I really love him and his family. They are nice to me. They love to feed us heaps and teach us Samoan! I can speak a little bit Samoan.. I love it. I wish I could speak Samoan fluently after my mission HAHAHA! But now I need to learn more and more in English. This week was kind of busy of working. There was nothing special. I just wanted to let all of you to know that I'm doing good down here. And don't forget that I love you allllllllllll!!! Take care!!

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary)

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