Sunday, June 19, 2016

(The 5th week) Temple Week!

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I'm doing great down here in Sydney. I work hard every day. My companion and I walked 20 Kilometres + every day for contacting and visiting less active member. Many of them started to come back to church. I'm so happy to see them come back to church. I always feel that God stands by me and help me to find lost sheep to come back home. I just understand that doing God's work is so hard but If we do with all our hearts, God will bless us as much as we do. I'm still learning English every day because I'm not good in English yet. There are many English accents here. I cannot understand what they say sometimes. I think I'm getting better and better in English. I went to Sydney Temple today. It was so awesome to be there. I love going to temple because the people there are so nice and always smile to me ♥ This week, I really have nothing to write. I'm soooo busy. But remember that I love all of you!! I'm going back to Thailand in 23 months. HAHAHAHA sounds long right? I LOVE YOU ALL!! and don't forget that God loves you too!

Elder Phimphan. (The most handsome missionary in Sydney North Mission)

PS. I'm teaching a boy and he is going to get baptized soon. GOD BLESSES YOU NA!

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