Monday, June 6, 2016

(The 4th week) Hello from Down Under!

Hello all my dear Sisters and Brothers! I'm doing great here in Sydney Australia. I'm so happy and excited serving here. Now I'm serving in Ropes Crossing ward. And my companion is Elder Gualco. He is from Washington State.. (something I don't remember) He is a good dad(trainer) We have a lot of the same story such as we're the only member in the family, and we got baptized 2 years ago. Serving here in Sydney is so hard. Our area is kind of quiet! No one is on the street. And the weirdest thing is house everywhere!!!  but there is no one in those houses. Before I get here, I heard that everyone loves BBQ but in fact, NO! Everyone here loves KFC! HAHAHAHA And if you're gonna ask me about Kangaroos... I'll say that NO, I haven't seen one since I got here. I only see birds! BIRDS EVERYWHERE!!!!

The weather here is kind of cold because it's winter. Even though it's winter, it rains every day. so it's cold x2 :) But I love to serve here though. The thing that I love the most is the members!!! The members are so nice here They love missionaries. Especially Feeding food to us! I love when someone said in the Sunday meeting.. They said that "feel missionaries heaps(a lot)" I feel like I'm not gonna die here HAHAHAHA and today I'm going to meet Sister Sriwiset because we're in the same ZONE Hooray!!!! And now I have to go. See you next week everyone.

Elder Phimphan

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