Friday, May 13, 2016

Traveling to the US!

Hello everyone! This is Elder Phimphan! 

May 9th 2016, I had an opportunity to get setting apart by President Johnson. President Johnson is so kind and he is the President in Thailand Bangkok Mission. I met many friends and missionaries who served in Khon Kaen such as Elder Stone, Elder Roberts, Suphan, and Elder&Sister Lyons! It was a wonderful day to met them because I love them so much! while I was getting set apart to be a missionary is the best time in my life. I felt so good, peace and love from by the Holy Ghost. 

In evening, Elder&Sister Lyons invited me to go to a restaurant which is near the Church Office. We had a good time there together. Where did I stay at the night? Well, I stayed at the AP's house. Elder Stone and Elder Mitchel(?) are the APs. 

In the morning, I woke up at 6:00am we worked out and it made me so tired. but it was so fun though. after working out, we prepared for going to the airport. Elder stone gave me many stuffs. He is so kind to me and I love him so much! he took such a good care of me every time we met. He is a good friend!

At the airport, I met Sister PookPik who has ever gone to Khon Kaen Church long time ago. She is a good friend of mine. And also I met Sister Eve&Eye who are from BangKrapi ward. Thank you for coming. but I missed to meet Sister Fern and Sister Manee. they were coming but it was too late. but I know the we will meet each others again after I finish my mission. and we can still email!!! I was crying so hard while saying goodbye to all of my friends at the airport. I felt that I don't want to go but I have to! this is God's work and I know that the Heavenly Father will always provide everything for me and help me.

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