Sunday, May 29, 2016

(The 3rd week) Hello from the MTC!

Hello everyone! I'm gonna fly to Australia Sydney on this Monday!!!! YAY!!! Can't believe that I'm leaving the MTC. I'm not ready for it. my English is still bad. However, I'll do my best! Here at the MTC is so good! I'm in love at here now. I met more new friends and they are awesome. They helped me a lot to about the language. I've learn more languages such as Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, and some of slang is English. I'm going to miss the MTC, teachers, investigators etc. my friends and I always have Family Home Evening every night. sounds cool right? I'm so lucky to be here with them. This week was kind of busy because it's my last week here. I study hard everyday. to be like Jesus Christ and be better in English so that I need to try harder and harder. God blesses me a lot in speaking language. I'm so grateful for it.

Friday 20th, I got a mailbox again! Guess what! who sent a package to me. The Dailey!!! They sent me some cool stuffs and I really really love it! what an awesome family. I love them so much. Thank you for the best package.

Friday 27th, Temple time! I went to temple square. Everything was so nice there. The temple, the city, the people and the mountains. I love all everything there. I was looking for Thai missionaries who is serving in the Salt Lake City Temple Square mission but I didn't see one.

My investigator this week:
I met a nice guy who is from Peru. He learned the gospel of Jesus Christ with me. He works at the cafeteria at the MTC and studies he the BYU Provo. He is not a member of the church(I guess) He's kind of worried about his mother because of her health. I taught him about having faith in Jesus Christ. He understood very quickly. I can say that I love him so much. I asked him to pray and he did! He always followed what I guided. He said he feels to the spirit every time he prays. I gave him the Book of Mormon, He read and it's so awesome! Every time when he prayed with us, I really feel to the spirit. He said he feel more pace, happier in his life. I'm so happy that he found what he was looking for. And he knows that how he should do for his mom to feel happier in her life and for her health. And now, He is going to get BAPTIZED! YAY!
I know that God will bless all of you who have faith in him. If you would like to know more about Jesus Christ and know about His church you can check this link :  I promise that God loves you and He will bless you a lot in your life.

Elder Phimphan

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