Sunday, May 22, 2016

(The 2nd week) Hello from the MTC!

Hello everybody! I miss you all so much! I've been here almost 2 weeks! here at the MTC, I have many friends(ดำ, ขาว, ฝรั่ง, เอเชีย, มีหมด) and they all are so good to me. I love being here! What do I do at the MTC? Here is like a school or jail or something. Everyone here has to wake up at 6:30AM(I've never done this before in my normal life) and then study, study, and study til 9:30PM and then go back to the residence, take a shower, and then sleep. I do all these things everyday! Hey Guess what! I'm getting fat!!!!!!! My belt just broke last Tuesday and I felt like.. WHAT!! what happened on my life. Now I'm on diet.

The weather, the weather here is weird. there are 3 seasons in a day.(ตอนเช้าฝนตกก็หนาว สายๆ-เที่ยงแดดออกก็โคตรร้อน พอตกเย็นมาหนาวคั้ก บางครั้งฝนก็ตกตอนเย็น) Winter, Summer, and Rains! Hah AMERICA! What an amazing country!

The food, I'm so sick about foods here. it's so tasteless or something(เทิงกินเทิงเบ๋ปาก ขนาดสลัดผักยังบ้แซ่บ แต่ละอย่างแบบ... โอ้ยเน้าะ คึดฮอดอาหารไทย คึดฮอดเนี้ยย่าง คึดฮอดตำบักหุ่งเผ็ดๆ) but a good thing is the drink!! you can drink anything you want and all is free!! I really love it.

I meet Sister Yan everyday! and other Thai friends. There are 3-4 Thai people here. I feel so good that I can speak Thai here. However, my English is getting better and better. I can communicate with everyone here. I'm so proud of it. I've learned many things here. I taught investigators(Even if I know that they all are the member of the Church and they do role play. I teach them with all my love) I'm so proud that I have such a great opportunity to teach them the gospel because I'm here for serving the LORD! And I know that the LORD will bless everyone who follows him. 

Wednesday 18th, A week ago today, I was with The Daileys! I miss them so much. I really love this family. Mrs. Dailey sent me a letter(it's my first letter at the MTC and I'm so appreciated) Everyone was jealous about my letter because no one in my classroom got one. Thank you so much for the best letter, Mrs. Dailey. And I hope you all are doing ok ♥ 

Thursday 19th, I'm feeling love and it's so good. First thing first, I need to share my testimony about my investigator. His name is Arnold Young and he's awesome. At first time I taught him I felt like I did nothing because He talked a lot! A LOT!!!!! My companion and I were so stressed and were worried about him if he didn't understand anything we taught. The 1st lesson, we didn't do anything. we were teaching him the way to pray but he always said about his wife(she passed away). and he stopped to pray after she passed away and his faith was gone. I felt that he would never prayed with us again. The 2nd lesson, we taught him about the plan of Salvation or the plan of happiness. he seem understand what we taught. at the end of the lesson, I asked him to try to pray again. I did 100 ways/things for him to know how important of the prayer but he still said no! and related to his wife again. I felt like... WHAT! I'm giving up on him. Then I gave him the Book of Mormon and a pamphlet of the plan of Salvation which has the way to pray in there. after that we went home. I was so stressed for a day because I thought that I didn't try enough, I didn't do my best, and I'm just a Thai who don't speak English I can't teach a good lesson. These things were in my head all the time. But I'm not giving up!!! My companion and I went to ask other missionaries who have ever taught him that How is he? Did he pray with you when you teach him? They said "No, He never prayed with us" I was like.. WHAT! what I should do.. Those missionaries are better than me and they couldn't help him to pray. My companion and I planned and went to his house again. The 3rd lesson, now we changed the plan to not teach the lesson. we told him that "we need to get to know you more" He answered, "Yes! why not" then we had discussion with him. it was good and fun when he told me about his story. He told us many things about him. However, I know this helped him a lot to be more comfortable and he began to open his heart with us! at the end of the lesson, I asked him that "Did you read the book of Mormon?" He answered, "Yes, I did. I'm at Enos and I read about Enos" My companion and I are so happy that at least he read the Book of Mormon. I kept asking him "How did you feel when you read the Book of Mormon?" He answered, "it was so good. I felt peace when I read it" (WOW! this is awesome) Then I started to ask him about the prayer, "Did you have a chance to try to pray?" He answered, "Yes, I did last night. but I felt that I talked with the wall. I think I should do it sincerely so I did it again. I felt so much better. I felt so good and felt to God's love at that time. I remember when you both taught me about praying and receiving the answer through the spirit of God. I think that this is real. God is real" I'm sooooooooo happy to hear such an awesome thing from him. I smiled so hard and am so proud of him that he understood what I taught and follow it.  He is so awesome!!! I love him so much! I know that God is really there for everyone who prays to him. He will always listen and hear us when we open our heart and pray to him. I know that this Church is true and is the Lord's church on earth today.

Elder Phimphan.

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