Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hello my first day in America!

Hello everyone!!! Hello Thailand!!! 
Hello Brother Dailey, Sister Dailey, Travor, Taylor, Troy, Elder Dailey and the dogs!

How have you been? I'm great and save here! the first day in the US was soooo cold! I was in LA(Los Angeles) for half a day. there is sunlight but it's still cold. it's too bright also! I got to the Salk Lake City airport at 9:00pm on May 10th Guess what! I met the Dailey's family there! It was so awesome to them all of them. I was so happy!!!!!! They are so nice and are kind to me. we were finding for a spicy food for all night but it was too late. all places there were closed. Then we went to buy a hamburger which is the hottest one but it's not spicy for me. After that we went home. The Dailey's home is so beautiful! I love there so much. I could see the temple from the window in the kitchen. 

May 11 In the morning, The Daileys and I went to temples and it was so awesome to see many temples here! I love the temples! we had so much fun. we went to the BYU and I met Heiner! who taught me about the gospel. Then the Daileys drove me to the MTC and OH! I forgot to write about my best temporary companion. His name is Troy. He is 13 but he's so tall!!! I really love the Dailey's family. Thank you for everything! I wish I could go to visit all of you after my best 2 years! 

Elder Phimphan (Dailey).


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