Friday, May 13, 2016

Hello from the MTC!

Hello... it's me.. 

Hello everyone, this is Elder Phimphan. How are you? I'm great right now!!! I'm at the MTC for 3 days already! I think I'm going to die sooooooon. the weather here is so cold and dry. I have to ทาครีม 100 times a day. I miss the weather in Thailand so much. I miss Thai foods and many things. Foods at the MTC are very very very terrible for me!!!!(อาหารบ้แซบ บ้เป็นตาซิแตก) My companion is a Chainese. His name is Elder Wang. He is 19 years old and he is going on the same mission with me but Chinese speaking. ​

Today is my P-day(Preparation Day) and I'm gonig to the Temple in this afternoon! what a nice day! I'm in the Branch 17A and guess what.. My companion and I are district leader 555555555555555 We're the killer! I was sharing my testimony last night in ENGLISH!!! This was my first time to share the testimony in English. I think I did well(I'm not sure) I'm the worst in classroom. I don't speak English very well but I always try to be better and better. I think the MTC is so hard to be. Study at 8.00AM till 9PM. however, I think I'm gonna love here. I have a neighbour who is Russian! I learn Russian everyday from him. and I also met Sister YAN who is from Combodian(she was a member in my branch which is from Khon Kaen) 

Oh! I forgot to tell all of you that I will be at the MTC for 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's just 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!! They said my English is pretty good but NO! I don't understand many words and many things here. I can't understand the scriptures in English. I cried many time a day 555555 อยากกลับบ้านแฮง

Elder Phimphan

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