Friday, March 4, 2016

Companions & Areas

MTC (May10th-June1st) - Elder Wang from China
Ropes Crossing (June 2nd-August 23th) - Elder Gualco from Washington, U.S.A
Ropes Crossing (August 23th-October 2nd) - Elder Leota from American Samoa
Dural (October 2nd-December 28th) - Elder Bush from Los Angeles, U.S.A
Dural (December 28th-February 7th) - Elder Moulton from Texas, U.S.A
Dural (February 7th-May 2nd) - Elder Tapuhiro from Tahiti
Dural (May 2nd-June 13th) - Elder Mayes from Idaho, U.S.A
Cessnock (June 13th-July 25th) - Elder Parkinson from Texas, U.S.A
Cessnock (July 25th-September 5th) Elder Ferguson from Utah, U.S.A
Chatswood (September 5th-Recent) Elder Warth(SON) from Idaho, U.S.A

"And ye shall go forth in the power of my Spirit, preaching my gospel, two by two, in my name, lifting up your voices as with the sound of a trump, declaring my word like unto angels of God"


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