Sunday, October 15, 2017

(The 75th week) Staying!

Hello From The Land Down Under!

Yo! how are you going?  So this transfer was great! Me and my son are staying in the area for 6 more weeks and the other elders in the flat too. A lot of my friends will be finished the mission in 2 days and it's just so sad for me saying goodbye to them.

This week we were able to teach Johnny and Michelle. They are doing good especially our good friend Michie(Michelle). 
For Michelle, we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ + the word of wisdom. It went a bit weird because I didn't want her to feel like we're pushing her to be baptized or things like that. Well, that's our purpose anyway, we need to get her ready for the best day of her life. She understood it very well, especially the word of wisdom, she had a desire to follow it even though it makes her to stop drinking what she loves in her life. We also made a deal, if she breaks the commandments, she will make us fried rice Hahaha!! I really liked teaching her because she would always come up with good questions which made me learn from the lesson too! Afterward, we went to the baptism of our friend with her. She met with our President and his wife, and Michelle felt the spirit there at the baptism which was so awesome. We really did have a good time with her and I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to know her, I know that Heavenly Father loves her so much, that's why we need to help her to get to that changing part of her life which we called Baptism!

Johnny - So the baptism fell through but it's ok. He's not ready yet. We taught him twice this week! It was the Plan of Salvation, the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the 10 commandments. I think things are going good with Johnny but.. he still has some weird + same questions like God's name.. Jesus drank wine.. blah blah blah. We answered these questions like 100 times but for some reason it makes him to be confused about it. He sometimes studies with the Jehovah Witness friends and I think that's why. Anyway I am not judging them but it most likely is. That's all about Johnny this week. 

​Well it was a zone conference again! Nothing much though, just having fun with friends ;P
(Me, My trainer Elder Gualco, and my son Elder Warth)
My trainer Elder Gualco is going home this week! I am so excited for him hahaha well I have 7 more months to go. Not long and not fast either.

I am thankful for the opportunity to serve here and I hope you will have a fantastic week!

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North mission)

Saturday, October 14, 2017

(The 74th week) The conference week in Australia!

Hello hello Monday morning! Hello everyone! how are things going?
Not much time for this week so I will just summarize about our investigators and the details of the week under the pictures.

Most of our investigators went back to their countries so it was not much this week.

Johnny - He didn't had much time to learn this week. Anyway we took Johnny to a Chinese activity called 'Moon Festival'. He enjoyed it so much and a lot of members greeted him and he just had a very fun time there. We will meet with him tomorrow, I have a feeling that it is going to be awesome and I am excited for that.

Michelle - We were able to share the restoration of the gospel to her while we were going to the moon festival she had a lot of questions and seemed like what we shared made her to be interested in learning more with us. We also found out that she doesn't work on Sunday :) It is a good sign huh. It seemed to be awesome meeting with her each time. She's very funny and I hope that she will be able to come to know the truth of the message which we share.
(Elder Phimphan, Elder Warth, Elder Maxfield, Elder Graffe, Elder Peterson, and Elder Riquelme)
This is the last District Training Meeting(DTM) of the transfer because there will be a zone conference this week so no more DTM this transfer yay! I am grateful for my district and for their awesome job they had done this transfer!
​(Elder Phimphan, Elder Wright(an assistant), and Elder Warth)
Break time during watching the general conference! Talking about the conference, I was so sad hearing that Elder Hales just passed away. Anyway the conference was alright and I learned things from that. One of the talks that I liked the most was in the priesthood session by Elder Utchdorf (Read).
The other thing that makes me sad is Elder Wright is finishing his mission soon! I will miss him so much. He's such a great missionary and friend! #PraiseHim :)
These birds were so friendly, they just jumped on me and played with me like dogs >_< #SoAwesome I liked them so much and I wanted to eat them too! 

Sorry guys! I gotta go :( I will see you next week! and this Saturday will have a transfer calls! I will let you know if something happens. I hope nothing will happen to us because we are the best team!! Have a good day!!!

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

Sunday, October 1, 2017

(The 73rd week) Blessings

Nǐ hǎo 你好! Oops! I was practicing too much Chinese.. 
Anyway, G'day mates! How ya going? It's been a week again since the last week. I know there is the General Conference now in Utah and via the website for all over the world. We didn't have a chance to watch it but they are going to let us watch on this weekend for sure and I am very excited for it. 

Oish! it was so hard finding people to teach this week. I don't know why it gets harder for us in this area. We worked all day long but the consequence was low but only one thing that I hope is the help from Heavenly Father and I know that He will somehow help us in this area for sure :)
For Tong and Johnny, we weren't able to teach Tong nor Johnny this week because they were busy. 
- Anyway we texted and followed up Tong every single day, she still prays and read the Book of Mormon everyday and we are really happy with that. 
- Johnny came to church yesterday and he really enjoyed the sacrament meeting and the testimonies of the members. It seems like things are going good with Johnny, I really hope that he will get there to be baptized and to make the covenant with our Heavenly Father.

We also got two new persons to teach.
- Crystal, she's from China. Actually we met her a few week ago but didn't have enough time to teach her. So this week we taught her the Plan of Salvation(+ using pictures), she understood very well, she wanted to go to the Celestial kingdom and it made her to be interested to learn with us more. 
- Michelle, a cool girl from Taiwan. Her family moved to Australia about 18 years ago since she was about 4. Her English is great! Michelle had a lot of questions about our church and stuffs. We didn't have a chance to share much with her because of the time but she's willing to meet up again this week and we are super excited to teach and to share the gospel with her.

Even though the area is a bit hard, I am happy to have these lovely friends to share the gospel with and I know that the gospel will help and change their lives to be better as they apply it in their lives. 

Another blessing that we got from our Heavenly Father was FOOD! After working for all day long, we went around finding something to eat, we accidentally met with members from another and they shouted(fed) us Thai food. I was so happy eating FREE FOOD! hahaha Free food is the best right?
And another day, we all went to the mall to find something to eat and we chose a restaurant and we accidentally met members there again! They shouted us hamburgers! 
​Aahh!! What a blessing!! #Polynesian 

I also had a chance getting closer to a monkey bird named "Kookaburra", if you want to know why I called a monkey bird, you need to search it on YouTube and listen to their awesome sound. 

Today is also a holiday in Sydney. The library is closed so we are emailing at the internet cafe in Chatswood. #FeelingWeird
Well I am still doing good and I hope you guys will have an awesome week!
Do not forget to pray and read the Book of Mormon na ja :)

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North mission)


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

(The 72nd week) The Baptismal Date!

Yo yo yo mates! It's me again Elder Phimphan!! Sorry for emailing a bit late, we were doing some finding in the morning so we don't need to do it today anymore. #Feelgood Anyway how are you guys? I'm doing awesome here in Sydney and the bad news is summer is coming here so soon! the weather is getting hotter and hotter and I am ready to be melted by the heat of the sun of Australia. I just noticed that I have passed all the seasons in Australia already, one day passes by like twinkling. I also feel like this week passed by super fast..or because I was enjoying the work of the Lord?? who knows?!? But yea.. things are going pretty good here. We got someone to teach and it was just a good start of us in this area! Yay!! 
​(Elder Warth and I)

We had an opportunity to meeting with our investigator Tong last Wednesday right before the English class. She was so keen learning and understanding what we shared and taught her. We taught her the Restoration of The gospel of Jesus Christ and ended with giving the Book of Mormon + the invitation to read and to pray. Tong really wanted to know all the things we taught and she's been praying and reading the Book since then. Wow! what a cool person on earth!! I can't wait to see her again next time!
​(Us and Tong)

This week we also saw Johnny. And again.. he started to ask us all the same questions he had just like the last week and my beloved son and companion Elder Warth was through with his questions so he asked Johnny's purpose why he wants to learn with us and we also told our purpose why we want to teach and help him. We came up with an idea by the spirit to committed him to be baptized because we know that Johnny knows and feels the Book of Mormon is true. He was a bit scared to be baptized because he wasn't sure if the church is true so we read in the Book of Mormon 
the promise of Moroni and after all the spirit was so strong as we all felt and I asked Johnny if he felt something during that moment. "Yes, I felt that the book is true" Johnny said, and I told him again "This is the answer for you Johnny" And yea after that we got him to commit to be baptized on the 14 of October and I am pretty excited for him if he could make it there. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Heavenly Father's church and the Book of Mormon is the word of God because I have felt and am feeling the spirit of the Lord since I joined the church and I know these things to be true.

Forget yourself and go to work!!! But don't forget that I miss and love you so much mates!!

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

(The 71st week) The Change of Us!

G'day mates! How's it goin' mates? Mm.. It's been a week I am here again at the library writing to you all. This week has been a bit quiet and I don't really know where the people went. We mostly did finding at the train station because there will be a lot of people there all the time so it must be a good spot.
The first week of the District training meeting(DTM) went by pretty awesome. We also had a great opportunity to have sister Checketts in our meeting because there was the interview with the President of the mission that day. I gave a lesson about 'Be Diligent to Find'. I don't think I want to share with you all what I share because it will take ages to share but it was all about being diligent to work so the Lord will bless us to finally find someone to teach as in the Doctrine and Covenant section 75 verses 2-5. And at the end of the meeting, I got a letter from the Dailey!!! I was supa happy :) 
My beloved son Elder Warth was sick and he just got better #Poorhim. We postponed the appointment with some of our investigators to next week. However, we were able to meet a Chinese guy whose name was Johnny. We met with him at the mall around Macquarie University and it was hard finding the place to teach him so I sacrificed my 4 dollars!! to buy hot chocolate and we got a table at the cafe to teach him #Awesome. Teaching Johnny wasn't that hard but also not easy. He had a ton of questions to ask and he mostly asked things in the Bible such as what is God's name, who is Jehovah, things like that.. he also visits the Jehovah Witness Church and I think they made things a bit hard to understand for him. At the end, we mentioned about the Book of Mormon. He told us that he read a bit and he felt that the book is true!! so we committed him to start reading at the beginning of the book. I am so happy to share the gospel to people and I know that these things are true.

We also did an exchange with the zone leaders in their area. I think I learned a lot of finding skills from them. It's extremely difficult for me at the moment.. as I told you finding wasn't one of my option but it is the only effective thing to do in this area so I had to start again. Well the technique wasn't that hard.. just gather all of your confidence and your bravery and attack those people on the street! Sounds scary huh? Even though we tried to talk and share the message, a lot of people still kept rejecting us. Hahaha It's pretty hard I can tell but yea that's the change of us this week and I hope we will do better next week. 
Don't forget that I still miss and love you all mates! Stay safe and happy :)
Have a good week!​

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North mission)

Monday, September 11, 2017

(The 70th week) The Wonderland

Hello from the Wonderland!!!
Elder Warth and myself
Ho Ho Ho!! Welcome back to my channel again and this week's been cooool.. I meant the weather!! I just got my victim(son) last Wednesday and everything just became pink to me 'cause being a trainer is pretty fun and I love my son so much. Ah I think I forgot to mention about him.. so his name is Elder Warth and he's from Twin falls, Idaho. (I hope I spell them right) He's straight from high school to the mission field which is so Mormon! but is awesome. Anyway, it seemed like we get along pretty well. Our area is Chatswood which is a mini city with a lot of Asian people. I couldn't believe that asian would take over Sydney hahaha. 
Not only the people but the food too! It is so wonderful! There are heaps of cultures and Asian restaurants around here. I would call here 'The Wonderland'.

The worst thing of being here for me is we don't know anyone. We just opened the area so we need to find new investigators and get to know everyone ourselves. It is hard but all is well! Serving with me.. FABULOUS!!! 
This week, we were able to talk to a lot of people but most of them rejected us. Luckily, we met with Tong a lady who is from China. She came here to visit her friends and to learn English. We invited her to the English class and asked her if she wants to learn about Christ and she said YES! we got the return appointment with her this Wednesday and I am pretty excited to share what I know and is true to her.
We also met Bill and M yesterday. They both are from Kenya and just came here days ago for traveling. At first time, I saw Bill holding a camera(Sony alpha a6300) and I was super duper interested about it so I asked Elder Warth to go sit with him. Well, He was so friendly and we had a good chat about camera and stuffs. Eventually, we got to talk about religion and it went by good. Bill and his friend M wanted to know more about the church and we got the email to contact them. YAY!! I'm so grateful for the blessing from Heavenly Father.
Bill, M, myself, and Elder Warth
I feel so blessed serving as the Lord's servant. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Heavenly Father's church and is true.. because I prayed and asked him willingly and I got the answer from him. And I know that through prayer we can know all things.

And......... I forgot to mention that Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!! YAY!
Thank you so much everyone and I hope you all will have an awesome week! Stay happy!!

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)

My 22nd birthday

Sunday, September 3, 2017

(The 69th week) A Trainer + A District Leader = Elder Phimphan!!

Ho Ho Ho!!! Hello everyone! It's been a pleasure serving here in Cessnock-Singleton area for 2 transfers! And yea.. I think you might know that I am getting a transfer to a new area! Oi I am going to miss this bushy area so much. Well, my new area is sort of like a city area called Chatswood. The mission president told me that I'd be in this area and it's mainly street contacting. I am so excited for that. And!!!!!!!!! this is gonna the best of best... I am going to train a new missionary + being a district leader in the same time YAAAAAY!!!! Anyway, it must be harder and harder than before becoming Elder Phimphan at this point. I hope things will turn out alright.
This week's been alright. We had the interview with the mission president and a trade off with our zone leaders. Everything went good and after we came back to our area, we went visit Belinda. We taught the plan of salvation to her and it went by pretty good. After the lesson we shared our testimonies and the spirit was so strong. I could tell that Belinda felt something from that lesson and she said she would come to church and she really did!!!! I was so happy because since I came to this area, she's the first one who came to church. I know and testify that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church of God and there is the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and as you apply the principles into your life it will help you to be a better person as you wanted to be.
​(Our friend(investigator) Belinda and Bailey and us)
It was a little bit hard saying good bye to all the member. It made me cry when things are going well and I just got transferred. #Lifeisgood

I hope you're doing well. I will report ya'll later next week!!!
I am extremely excited for having a son!!!

Elder Phimphan (The most handsome missionary in Australia Sydney North Mission)